Chinese Language, Culture & Society

in Cairns and China



  • Learn Mandarin
  • Understand Chinese culture
  • Workshop: 'Get China Ready'
  • Interpreting and translation
  • Corporate consultancy


  • Individuals, groups, and community organisations
  • Businesses, tourism services, and government departments
  • Students, schools, and colleges


  • Mainland Chinese professor of Mandarin & Chinese culture
  • Australian author, educator, & psychologist. 10 years in China


More than forty years after Australia established diplomatic relations with China, we still know very little about this ancient civilisation. Despite its close proximity, our number one trading partner remains largely a mystery to us. 

In a rapidly changing strategic and economic environment it is in our national interest to learn more about Chinese language, culture, and society.

As our focus shifts away from mining and toward service industries such as education, finance, and tourism, we will need to engage with Chinese people at a more personal level. This may be easier said than done.

Why? Chinese society developed in isolation over a period of 4000-5000 years. Behind the facades of modern public architecture and underneath the traditional courtesies of Chinese hospitality lie ways of thinking and behaving which may be very different from our own. 

Switched-on Australians will get China ready by becoming more China literate: i.e., by learning more about Chinese culture and its values; and its people and their language. 

We can help. We bring a bi-cultural perspective to the task of preparing you and/or your organisation for increasing engagement with the Middle Kingdom and its people.

Contact us: Email:  chinaconsult3@gmail.com  OR  liyirongplum@gmail.com


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