CHINA ARTICLES by Brian Hennessy

In China: what is truth?

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. April, 2015 It’s always difficult to comment on China. Paradoxically, this rigid Confucian society appears to change from one day to the next. Whether this is cultural reality or personal confusion, I am not sure. Nevertheless those of us who have lived in the Middle Kingdom for a long time have learned […]

Xi Jinping’s plan

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. March, 2015 China’s president, Xi Jinping, is an enigma. On the one hand he presents as a modern leader who many hope will guide his nation away from the social and political strictures of a command economy toward a more open society. On the other hand, he appears to be buttressing the […]

Wind and rain bridge

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. April, 2010 Sanjiang is about a five hour journey from Guilin, and a two and a half hour bus-ride from Longsheng near the Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces. It is the last sizable township in the province of Guangxi before entering neighbouring Guizhou and is the centre of the Dong Minority […]

On Confucius, culture, & government

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. May, 2014 Although Western people have heard many jokes about Confucius, very few understand his main ideas and how important his thinking has been to Chinese culture and society. If we are serious about understanding China it is imperative that we acquaint ourselves with this ancient sage.    On Confucius, […]

Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. April 2010 If you believe the tourist brochures, Guilin is a pleasant city situated in a beautiful limestone kharst mountain environment. However, despite its attractions, this city in Guangxi province is not worth visiting for its own sake. It’s not the type of town to be out on the streets […]

Trouble on the Tibetan Plateau

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. 2007 It was the first week in August when the Tibetan nomads come into the township of Litang for a yearly festival. Horse racing, dancing, singing, socialising, and so on. It’s the event of the year, and a time when provisions are bought, marriages are arranged, and the clans are […]

2003: welcome to China

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. 2003 I was feeling apprehensive despite the excitement. China seemed so far away from Australia and my familiar Western culture. The China I had heard about was an out-of-date model shaped by the experiences of an older generation. Emotive words like, Communism, Red China, and the Cultural Revolution kept popping […]

China: a land of contradictions

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. December, 2013 China is a land of contradictions. While on the one hand China presents herself as an outward looking developing nation proud of her new economic strength and rising international status; on the other hand she remains a culturally conservative, inward looking nation influenced by her isolationist past. Foreigners who live and […]

Reading the tea-leaves in China

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. March 14, 2013   Xi Jinping leading the Standing Committee in rank order.   Reading the tea-leaves in China It’s official now. The sometimes deadly jockeying for power has run its course and Xi Jinping has replaced Hu Jintau as President of China. Li Keqiang, who replaces Wen Jia Bao is […]

The Tao of travel in rural China

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. February, 2013 You need to have your wits about you when travelling independently across the countryside in China. Having said this, as long as you can speak a little functional Chinese language and have a normal ration of common sense and patience, your journey will be a rewarding one. If […]

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