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Generation gap

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. June, 2018   Translation: "We'll do whatever the Party wants us to do…" Generation gap ___________________________________________ There’s an old factory in Chengdu which has been converted into a museum and arts centre. From the outside it looks like a tired remnant of the Cultural Revolution days with its dull concrete […]

Slow train to Chongqing

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. April 2015 In China, it always pays to book transport the day before. That's how I missed out on a comfortable two-hour fast rail journey from Chengdu to Chongqing (350kms), and was forced to wait four hours for a slow train which would take another four and a half hours […]

Demolishing history

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. August, 2016. Modern Chongqing is a booming metropolis containing 6.5 million residents (within a municipality of 30 million people). It straddles the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers upstream from the Three Gorges Dam, is 1600 kilometres west of Shanghai, and is the Beijing government’s hub for growth in the hinterland of […]

2003: welcome to China

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. 2003 I was feeling apprehensive despite the excitement. China seemed so far away from Australia and my familiar Western culture. The China I had heard about was an out-of-date model shaped by the experiences of an older generation. Emotive words like, Communism, Red China, and the Cultural Revolution kept popping […]

China from the inside out

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. February, 2012 I hesitate to write about my observations of life in China. The boundary between my Western culture and Chinese culture has blurred. For example: when I arrived in 2003 everything was new and exciting and it was easy to spot the differences. Nowadays they are not so obvious. Nevertheless, this […]

On understanding the local environment

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. October, 2010 China is an ancient, complex, and culturally strong society with its own ways of doing things. Ways which are sometimes difficult for a foreigner to understand. A lot of unnecessary frustration can be avoided if things are put in their historical and cultural context.  On understanding the local environment […]

Yangtze River in flood

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. July, 2010 The mighty Yangtze River is in flood. The worst rains in over 10 years have sent torrents of water rushing down a 6300 kilometre journey from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to Shanghai on the coast. Throughout history, these seasonal floods have been something to fear in the Yangtze River […]

Fushun: small town China

Brian Hennessy. Chongqing, CHINA. January 1, 2010. At first glance, the only striking thing about Fushun is its utter ordinariness. It is just a small town in a small county in Sichuan province in southwest China, three hours or so by bus from the hinterland metropolises of Chengdu and Chongqing. It is typical however, of […]

Scratching a living: China reality.

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. June, 2009 Life in the countryside is dull. As dull as the sky viewed through that Chongqing mist. There is no ‘village life’ or excitement, or intellectual stimulation. Just the company of extended family who live in similar circumstances and who share a communal courtyard. A sad example of a […]


Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. 2008. Chen Xiao Jin and Zhang Yue had invited me to their wedding ceremony in Chaotianmen, Chongqing. Xiao Jin, the bride, was a close friend who had waited three lonely years for her boyfriend to complete his engineering degree in France before they could be reunited.  Wedding ______________________________________________________________________ These days […]

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