- Chinese tourists: in Australia

Chinese New Year 2016: in Cairns

Brian Hennessy and Yirong Li. China Australia Consult. February, 2016 Chinese New Year: in Cairns ______________________________________________________________ Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival as it is known locally, is China's longest and most important festival. In 2016 it will commence on the 8th February and will continue for 15 days. According to the Chinese zodiac, this [...]

Cultural diversity & common language

Yirong Li and Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. February, 2015 It would be fair to say that most Australians assume that Cantonese is the language spoken in mainland China.This is not surprising because their exposure to things Chinese has been limited to, for example, Chinese restaurants which in the main employ Cantonese speaking staff and [...]

In Cairns: Mandarin or Cantonese?

Yirong Li and Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. February, 2015. Any effort we make to understand and appreciate mainland Chinese language and culture will be rewarded by word of mouth recommendations to visit Cairns. China has the largest internet grapevine in the world: satisfied customers will provide more free advertising than we could ever dream of [...]

On attracting Asian tourists to Oz

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. 2014   David Scowsill, President and CEO of The World Travel & Tourism Council has urged the Australian Government to extend e-visas to high spending Asian travellers following a disappointing year for Travel and Tourism. This observation aligns with comments made by prominent Australians who have worried for years that [...]

Chinese tourists in Cairns: unknowns

Brian Hennessy and Yirong Li. China Australia Consult. March, 2014 Although Cairns is working hard to attract tourists from mainland China, and although the Chinese owned Aquis project promises to boost the local economy and international tourism, perhaps it might be time to pause for a moment and reflect on what we don't know as [...]

China-Australia: changing relationship

Brian Hennessy & Yirong Li. China Australia Consult. 2014 The relationship between China and Australia is changing. Whereas it was once dependent on our exports of commodities such as coal, gas, and iron ore; services such as education, finance, and tourism are now contributing more to the relationship.   China-Australia: changing relationship ______________________________________________________________ Tourism is the [...]

Cairns & China relationship

Brian Hennessy and Yirong Li. China Australia Consult. January, 2014 In order to appreciate this ancient civilisation, we should understand a few of the traditional values which underpin it. They have endured for millennia and form the bedrock of Chinese society today. A few of these values are addressed briefly below.   Building the relationship: [...]

China & Oz: building the relationship

Brian Hennessy & Yirong Li. China Australia Consult. September, 2013   China-Australia: building the relationship China has always been a source of fascination and mystery. In fact, China is a civilisation rather than a country. Its unique cultural and social values have evolved over a period of 5000 years. This makes it the oldest continuous [...]

Chinese tourists in Cairns

Brian Hennessy & Yirong Li. China Australia Consult. Cairns Post. August, 2013 Although ASIA is a culturally, economically, and politically diverse part of the world, China is unique. Regional areas within China are also different from each other. If we aim to provide a high standard of service delivery to Chinese visitors to Cairns, it [...]

What do Chinese tourists want?

Brian Hennessy & Yirong Li. China Australia Consult. Published in the Cairns Post. March 2013 Most Chinese tourists who visit Australia will be ordinary people who in one generation have made a giant leap from poverty to a middle-class lifestyle. Not so long ago, their main focus was on surviving in a tough, isolated environment. Now they [...]

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