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Handing the initiative to China

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. January, 2017 John Fitzgerald (below) is a professor at Swinbourne University of Technology. Before joining Swinburne in 2013 John served five years as Representative of The Ford Foundation in Beijing where he directed the Foundation's China operations. He has also served as Chair of the Education Committee of the Australia-China Council [...]

Turnbull correct on China

Peter Cai. Business Spectator. September 2014 Politicians need to follow Turnbull's lead on China When Australian politicians talk about China, it is either about the $150 billion-plus a year trade relationship or the potential threat of China as the country adopts a more assertive foreign policy. The quality of discussion is rather primitive here when compared [...]

China’s growth needs Aussie ideas

Kerry Brown. China Spectator. October 28, 2014 Kerry Brown is the Executive Director of the University of Sydney’s China Studies Centre and Professor of Chinese Politics.  China's future growth needs Aussie ideas If we thought finance was about money flows, then we would be wrong. Finance is above all about ideas. Backing the right ones [...]

Hugh White on the South China Sea

Hugh White. The China Spectator. May 28, 2014 Originally published by The Lowy Institute publication The Interpreter. Republished with permission. Explaining China's behaviour in the East and South China Seas Many people, like my old friend Brad Glosserman, find it hard to understand why China is acting the way it is in the East and South China [...]

No Asia-literacy: Greg Sheridan

Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor. The Australian. April 18, 2013 No Asia-literacy in weasel words CONSIDER this juxtaposition. For eight years Australian negotiators have been labouring to conclude a free trade agreement with China. Surely this is a significant failure, given all the song and dance about it in recent weeks. The opposition is particularly critical [...]

Australia in the Asian century: Summary

White paper by Ken Henry. Presented to Australian Government, October 28, 2012 Australia in the Asian Century Executive summary Asia’s rise is changing the world. This is a defining feature of the 21st century—the Asian century. These developments have profound implications for people everywhere. Asia’s extraordinary ascent has already changed the Australian economy, society and [...]

Luck and location not enough

BY: PAUL KELLY, EDITOR-AT-LARGE: The Australian.  September 15, 2012 Luck and location alone not enough to drive prosperity AUSTRALIA'S political and business leaders agree the "easy money" days dealing with China are fading and that future success will be harder and pivot on the ability to change our mindsets. The dominant theme in The Australian-Wall [...]

Asian studies no optional extra

By Bernard Lane. The Australian. July 14, 2012 Asian studies no optional extra Ex-Treasury secretary Ken Henry is close to finishing the draft Asian Century white paper.  THE study of Asia, home to a middle-class three billion-strong by 2030, must be placed at the heart of school education in Australia, says ex-Treasury chief Ken Henry. [...]

Economy killed by kindness (Aust)

Greg Rudd. The Australian. April 13, 2012 Australian economy killed by kindness DURING the time my brother was prime minister, I largely had to leave Australia to make a living because of a perceived conflict of interest. In Australia we understand that and wear it, even though at times with a grimace. In the region [...]

Australia: adrift in Asia literacy

Greg Sheridan. Foreign editor. The Australian. May 27, 2010 A nation adrift in Asia literacy KEVIN Rudd and Tony Abbott gave important speeches this week about Australia's engagement with Asia. They were talking to a national forum sponsored by Asialink of Melbourne University, the best single body promoting connections between Australia and Asia. here was [...]

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