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Liu Xiaobo and the decline of China

Brett Stevens. The New York Times. July 14, 2017 Liu Xiaobo and the Decline of China Liu Xiaobo, the dissident writer who became China’s first Nobel Peace laureate when he won the prize in 2010, died in state custody on Thursday, having spent almost the last nine years of his life in prison. His death [...]

Geopolitics at play in China

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. February, 2017 China is confronted by a growing set of internal and external difficulties. Unless they are managed satisfactorily, Jim Rickards (below) believes that China's journey toward superpower status may be more problematic than both the West and China  realise.   Jim Rickards is an adviser on international economics and [...]

The future of Communist rule in China

An interview with Minxin Pei. By Michael Forsythe. Sinosphere. The New York Times. February 29, 2016 Will China's Communist Party stay in power in its present, authoritarian form? Mr. Pei, a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, argues that the odds are high that by 2030, China’s government will be quite different, pushed to change [...]

Where is China headed?

Jerome A Cowen. China Spectator.  June 25, 2015 This timely assessment is based on Jerome A Cowen's 17 June 2015 testimony before the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US House of Representatives. Cowan is a professor of law at New York University. He is co-director of [...]

China’s false debate on values

John Lee. China Spectator. February 3, 2015 Dr. John Lee is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC, and a Director of the Kokoda Foundation defence and security think-tank in Canberra.  China's false debate on values At the [...]

China’s anti-corruption drive

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. October, 2014 On a recent return trip to China, I asked colleagues and friends what they thought of President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption drive. Most replied that Xi Jinping has twin aims for this policy. (i) To genuinely attempt to root out corruption which is rotting the Party from within. NB: [...]

The end of consensus politics in China

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. Chairman Mao was an autocrat – a dictator. In fact, he behaved more like an emperor than a political leader. When Deng Xiao Ping became the President of China (after Mao's death), his leadership style was different. Deliberately so. Nobody wanted one man to have so much power again. Hence [...]

Can China lead?

By Didi Kirsten Tatlow. Sinosphere. The New York Times. June 25, 2014 In their book “Can China Lead? Reaching the Limits of Power and Growth,” William C. Kirby and F. Warren McFarlan of Harvard Business School and Regina M. Abrami of the Wharton School explore whether China will become the world’s leading power. Can China [...]

China: Reflections on Reform

Brian Hennessy. China Australia Consult. Cairns & Chongqing. January, 2014 Many Western commentators have opined on President Xi Jinping's recent pronouncement on the need for economic reform in China. All of them say that lasting economic reform cannot be sustained unless it is accompanied my a measure of political reform. Although their observations are probably [...]

China must purge Mao’s ghost

By Gao Wenqian. The New York Times. December 25, 2013 China Must Purge Mao's Ghost NEW YORK — Thursday marks the 120th birthday of Mao Zedong, founding father of the People’s Republic of China, but the leadership’s celebrations of his legacy are an alarming reminder that China has a long way to go before it can [...]

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